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Featured Listing | 5423 West Beach Drive, Oak Island

Posted: 05.26.2015 | Categories: Featured Property, Oak Island NC, Real Estate

This oceanfront property features 1,300 square feet of living space that is perfect for entertaining.  Newly redecorated, this home is fitted with modern amenities, including a dream kitchen.

The kitchen is fully equipped and updated with stainless steel appliances, new modern cabinets, marble counter tops and a gas stove. Opening to a dining and living area, the kitchen's ample space is ideal for entertaining guests. 

The living area is aligned with large windows, allowing for amazing oceanfront views, and a fireplace gives merit to year round comfort... simply cozy up and read a good book. 

With three bedrooms and two updated baths, your guests will also feel at home throughout their stay.

However, I suspect you won't spend much time indoors...  Views from the patio and porch are amazing. Not to mention the home features its own walkway that leads straight to the beach.

Visit the full listing to get all the details on this Oak Island oceanfront home.