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How To Market Your Beach Rental Property In the Off-Season

As the summer season closes, are you left wondering what to do with your rental property other than enjoying it yourself? If you have a vacation home or beach rental property on Bald Head Island, Southport, Caswell Beach or Oak Island, the other seasons can still be lucrative for you.

Here are a few tips for renting your vacation home during non-peak months:

Lower The Price

You are less likely to rent your home during the off-season if you are charging the same amount as the peak-season rate. People vacationing in the winter and fall will be looking for good deals. Use phrases like "6 bedroom home for the price of 2" or "Off-Season Rates Apply" to catch the attention of budget-conscious winter travelers.

Change Your Marketing Techniques

People are looking for a different experience in the off-season than they

would be during the summer months. Descriptions such as "walking distance to the ocean" are less important during cold, winter months. Take pictures of your home in the off-season with holiday decorations rather than leaving the same pictures up from the summer. Play up features that might entice winter travelers like hot tubs, saunas and fireplaces.

Reduce The Minimum Stay

People renting in the off-season are looking for more flexibility than week-long rentals. Reduce your peak-season minimum stay or get rid of it all together until the summer comes back around.

Appeal To Previous Renters

Previous renters already know how great your vacation rental home is and have (hopefully) had a great experience renting from you. Appeal to your previous renters in the off-season and make sure they know how much lower the price is in the winter months!

Partner with Local businesses

Local businesses need help creating off-season revenue too. Go by your favorite local vendors and see if they will give your winter renters discounts and deals. Take your partnerships with local businesses and create discount packages, marketing them on your listings.